Insurance with high cholesterol

TA | November 7, 2008

Q: I was denied health insurance due to high cholesterol (241) and 24% mass body index.

A: If you mean that your application was declined, that can have long term consequences because an insurance denial is reported to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) and other insurance that you may apply for in the future can be based on whether you were previously declined for insurance. In this case the best choice is Celtic Insurance. They have a range of plans available in your state and are one of the few insurers that do not ask if you have been previously declined for coverage. Enroll in short term insurance plan (or two plans of six months each) and then apply for longer term coverage if necessary. If weight and cholesterol are the extent of the health issues then you will qualify for coverage. Please understand that you may not be offered an insurance company's lowest rates. A rate of 25%+/- more than the preferred risk rates would be typical.

If you mean that you were not eligible for a particular insurance plan then that is no big deal. Insurance companies set different types of policies for different groups of people. One health plan was developed in the 1990s based specifically on the health characteristics of Olympic athletes and less than 1% of the U.S. population met the eligibility requirements. There are plenty of affordable choices listed on the state-by-state listings at MedSave.com. There are a growing number of limited benefit insurance plans that offer coverage to all applicants regardless of medical condition. This seems to be a long term trend so your difficulty finding insurance may fade over time anyway.

None of the insurers currently included at MedSave.com decline insurance applications. (Although this may change in the future as we are considering broadening the range of health plan choices). They do, however, use other screening methods to ensure that applicants meet medical eligibility requirements. Celtic Insurance, for example, allows the applicant to withdraw an application if they do not meet the medical underwriting requirements. Companies with online enrollment systems simply will not accept an application that does not meet the eligibility requirements.

This OnlineAdviser service can be especially useful in helping pre-screen you for any insurance plan before wasting time or risking a decline. Just ask us!


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