Health Insurance for U.S. Immigrants

January 1, 2010

Recent immigrants to the U.S. make up about a quarter of the total population without health insurance, according to the most recent census data.  More significantly, this uninsured group is growing faster than any other part of the uninsured population, placing a significant strain on the health care industry.  State with significant immigration have taken steps to restrict access to publicly funded health care programs.  Florida, California, New York have all expressed concern about the cost of providing health care to the growing population of immigrants.

Fortunately, most immigrants with a moderate income can afford at least one of the commercial health insurance plans that are specifically designed for them.  These health insurance plans tend to offer lower level of coverage and cost significantly less than regular health insurance policies.  This insurance is available on the Internet and supported by OnlineAdviser service.  While the insurance is available to all immigrants regardless of national background, personal enrollment support is available only to English-speaking applicants.  Specialty Risk International Inbound Immigrant is the leader in this specific market with a wide range of insurance plans for immigrants.  This coverage is available to most applicants regardless of medical history as application is made within 24 months after entering the U.S..

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