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Group Health Insurance Information

This article was originally published in 2005 and revised in April 2007 with an emphasis on "starter plans" for small businesses that have not previously offered group health insurance... Read more

Q:  Is there a maximum amount of group life insurance I can have? A: There are no maximum limits per se, but there are some practical points to consider. First, the tax laws provide that... Read more

Q: How can we save money on group health insurance? A: Achieving significant savings in a group health plans requires thinking "outside the box" utilizing consumer driven health plan... Read more

Q: Our group insurance just changed the cap amounts from a lifetime $ 1,000,000 per person to $ 200,000 per year. When we asked them about other potential options in case we encountered an... Read more

Q: I am a member of a group insurance policy. Why does it not comply with HIPAA laws of portability and the insured receiving credit for the previous 12 months. A: The group... Read more

Q: I am covered under group health insurance policy through my employer. I wanted to know weather maternity expenses will be covered through this policy. Will all of the expenses be... Read more

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