January 1, 2010

Q: I am executrix of my mother's will. She passed away this year. Today I came across a letter written to Guarantee Trust Life.   Someone from your company stamped "RECEIVED June 25 1997 CASHIER. This letter has something to do with changing the beneficiary papers. At the end of her letter to you, it's stamped: Please Attach to Your Policy Guarantee Trust life. "Endorsed" Received and Approved 7/16/97.  I'm not sure what kind of policy this is or who the "change of beneficiary" is.  When I hear from you, I can send a copy of the letter that I found, with the "stamps" on it and a copy of the Death Certificate and whatever you may need.

A: Your request was received in error by OnlineAdviser service. You meant to contact Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company claims department. Contact information is included inside the insurance policy but this information probably does not include an e-mail address. Life insurance companies generally do not provide claims service via e-mail for privacy and security reasons. Your best option is a telephone call followed by a written request because the insurer will need a copy of the death certificate and evidence that you are the executor of the estate in order to release information and make settlement if applicable.



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