Enrollment fee for 3 year short term medical plan

TA | August 13, 2008

Q: I was looking into your "Secure 12x3 STM" plan. I was wondering how much is the one-time enrollment fee?

A: The "Secure 12x3 STM quoting system" shows the enrollment fee to be $10 in most situations. 

Enrollment fees vary from state to state and may be affected by age, membership in associations, method of enrollment (online enrollment may be less expensive than a paper application), the employer's or sponsoring organization's subsidy of the fee and other factors. Typically the fee is $10 for most short term and individual health insurance plans and $20 for renewable group insurance plans.

The enrollment fee for any health insurance can be determined by comparing the first month's quoted premium to the second month's quoted premium. For example, if the first month premium is $100 and the second month's premium is $90, then the one time enrollment fee is $10. Unfortunately, you have to proceed through most of the application process to enter the information necessary to all ow the online pricing system to accurately determine the enrollment fee.

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