Discount price of prescription drug

TD | September 9, 2008

Q: How much would my prescription cost with the discount drug card?

A: Commercial insurance companies, pharmacies and reputable PPO discount drug networks like www.ehealthdiscountplan.com do not make their discount pricing arrangements public because these are made for the benefit of plan members. Making them public would defeat their business intention of soliciting membership and would violate the privacy provision of the contract made with the providers offering the discount. As a result, specific pricing information is available to members only. An advertisement that shows specific drug prices is a tip-off of a scam or less reputable insurance or discount plan.

There is another way to obtain a close estimate using publicly available information. The Medicare-PartD.com website announces the release of their RxSavings-Center designed to help Medicare beneficiaries and others find low cost prescription drugs at their local retailers. The RxSavings-Center is available to the public at no cost and provides online users with several ways of searching for medications offered by national and regional retail discount drug programs. Discounts vary slightly between networks, pharmacies and location but the variations are minimal. The largest cause of price variation not reflected online is price change over time but we cannot do anything about the speed of updating this online data. The price you look up online will be reasonable accurate for your purpose.

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