January 1, 2010

Q: I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I saw the ValueHealth insurance plan, but was wondering what about my diabetes would not be covered until I have had the insurance for a year. I was also wondering if I would be able to get my prescriptions covered by insurance, or if that is what would not be covered for a year.

A: Prescription medicine expenses and medical supplies are a serious issue for insulin dependent diabetics. Many wind up on an expensive state-assisted open enrollment plan and many wind up for a welfare type health plan after exhausting personal assets. (See the article "Health Insurance for Diabetics" for a more detailed discussion of this topic).

If you have no other prescription coverage, enroll in one of the discount prescription plans. Discount plans do not assume the cost of the prescription but reduce your out-of-pocket expenses by an average of about 20%. MedSave.com offers both free and paid discount plans.   See the article "Comparing Discount Drug Cards" for more information.

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