Diabetic in Texas

TA | January 8, 2007

Q: I am a diabetic in Texas and my current employer has private insurance and so I don't qualify. On the Internet it said something about have both the ValueMed and the ValueHealth is best practice for coverage. I don't completely understand what the two type of insurance would cover and also there might be a different type that I didn't see. I am in the market for insurance for my entire family, and I would like some help with figuring out what is best for my family in terms of best coverage for the minimal cost.

A: Business health insurance policies do not discriminate based on pre-existing medical conditions of employees so your employer's "private insurance" must be some type of individual type health plan and not actually a small group health plan. The best solution for you would be to convince your employer to offer a regular small group health insurance. This coverage is not cheap but would immediately solve your problem with the best possible coverage. Your local Chamber of Commerce can provide details on this type of coverage.

The second option for primary health insurance coverage is to apply to the Texas assigned risk pool. This coverage is also expensive, but guarantees that you get the same coverage as everyone else but at a higher price.

Value Med and Value Health are supplemental health insurance that pays in addition to regular major medical insurance to help fill the gaps in coverage. Do not rely on these as your only coverage unless you are absolutely unable to afford either of the options listed above.

Finally, this would be a good time to consider that as a diabetic, your health care will not ever be "minimal cost" issue. In fact, your health care costs are likely to be your largest personal expense over your lifetime; even larger than your rent or mortgage cost. The MedSave.com article title "Health Insurance for Diabetics" goes into much more detail on this topic and offers some additional suggestions. Most likely the plan that is best for you is not the same as the best choice for the rest of the family if they do not have significant health history.

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