TA | October 28, 2008

Q: I am a 43 year old female who has diabetes. I was directed to your site from diabetes.com. I presently do not have any insurance coverage and was looking to find some that I could afford. Could you possibly direct me in the right direction?

A: We should clarify that the reason MedSave.com is mentioned at Diabetes.com is our fairly extensive coverage of the difficulties that diabetics face with regard to obtaining health insurance and unfortunately not because we have any special solution. Your primary major medical insurance will be limited to your state's HIPAA qualifying plan (see more on that topic in the article listed below) but there are now a growing number of supplemental insurance options that are open to diabetics. The article Health Insurance for Diabetics covers this topic in detail.

If you absolutely cannot afford the cost of the high risk insurance pool in your state then Core Health Insurance may be the next best option. This is a limited benefit plan that provides reasonable coverage at an affordable price. You may choose from among the three levels of benefits available based on the premium you can afford.

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