Dental insurance for periodontics

TA | April 30, 2009

Q: Is dental plan A an indemnity plan where we can use our own dentist. My husband has periodontal cleaning 4 times yearly. How would this be covered?

A: Yes, American Health Shield dental insurance is an indemnity insurance that covers periodontal treatment after the six month waiting period for "Class 2 Basic" dental procedures. The difference in coverage between "Plan A" and "Plan B" is the amount of coverage provided. "Plan A" is the higher level benefit with 75% coverage of allowed amount with no separate office visit co-payment. "Plan B" insurance plan is less expensive but provides a 50% benefit with a $20 per office visit co-payment.

This indemnity type insurance applies to any dentist of your choice, without the need for a referral or pre-certification. Since dentists charge different amounts, you may wish to present your insurance and ask whether the office will accept the allowed amount. There is no practical way to know in advance since allowed amount is updated often and varies depending on prevailing costs in your location.

More details are available in the "Plan Info" tab and the "View Benefits" button on the enrollment Web page or in the article "Review of American Health Shield dental insurance".


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