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Dental Insurance Information

Three innovate new dental plans for individuals offer coverage options to individuals who buy their own coverage. These new plans are available in most states throughout the United States. They... Read more

Q: I was wondering if one can get dental insurance as part of the medical insurance packages available. I am looking to get a combo type plan with both if possible. A: Yes,... Read more

Q: Is dental plan A an indemnity plan where we can use our own dentist. My husband has periodontal cleaning 4 times yearly. How would this be covered? A: Yes, American... Read more

Q: I am a student graduating this year and will stat a business. Do I qualify for life insurance online without a physical exam? A: Assuming that you do not have access to... Read more

Q: We have applications for dental insurance from American Health Shield, but were told we need a agent, we what to get dental on a individual plans for our employees, we have three... Read more

Q: Can "Liaison Traveler" policy be used as a short term life insurance policy while changing jobs? That policy is intended for international travelers. Does the coverage apply even... Read more

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