Definition of "pre-existing medical condition"

KM | April 20, 2008

Q: I was diagnosed with some medical issues 7 1/2 years ago but did not get additional treatment. Since then, I've taken some herbal supplements and the problems seem to have gone away. Is this a pre-existing medical condition on my next health insurance policy?

A: The definition of pre-existing medical condition varies from state to state and, to some extent, also depends on the type of insurance since some types of health insurance are not subject to the state's normal definition of pre-existing medical condition. In most situations a medical condition that has not required treatment and has not manifested symptoms for a period of years would not be a pre-existing condition.

There is no general comment that we can make that applies to all coverage. Because of the variability, it makes sense to check on the details with your specific health insurance policy. OnlineAdviser can help address this issue if you know the name of the health insurance you are considering and include your state of residence in the request.

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