January 1, 2010

Q: Need cover for myself and family. I have high BP and mild osteoarthritis. I am not a US citizen but will be permanent legal resident- relocating from London UK.?

A: Once you have a new address, almost any of the plans listed at MedSave.com would be Available. Few health insurance policies require U.S. citizenship1. Choices vary based on your state of residence. Until then, you may need an international medical insurance policy; the "Inbound Immigrant" coverage is especially popular in this situation.

The financial planning issue with regard to high blood pressure and osteoarthritis is not the current cost of treatment (which is usually minimal) but the more serious medical conditions may develop over the long term. So you are wise to be less concerned about pre-existing condition coverage in the short term but rather focus on the stability of your health insurance coverage over the long term. If you expect to be eventually covered by a group health insurance plan, then a low cost short term medical insurance that excludes pre-existing condition coverage is perfect in this situation.


1"American Health Shield" plans require U.S. citizenship

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