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Core Health Insurance

Q: Would be possible to have the first month's payment for a plan paid via credit card and then be invoiced for each additional month? A: Yes; mailed invoices are available for... Read more

Q: Does the Core Health Insurance plan include a prescription card? A: No, Core Health Insurance does not include a prescription drug card but you can easily add one of these... Read more

Q: The Core Health Insurance plan details say: "Benefits under Hospital, ICU/CCU, Surgery or Anesthesia are not payable for any pre-existing condition for the first 12-months following an... Read more

Q: Please tell me the deductibles for the lower cost Core Health Insurance plans. A: This policy does not use deductibles. The benefits listed in the policy are the exact... Read more

Q: Does Core Health Insurance include the benefits mandated under New York state law? A: New York Core Health policies include the following extra benefits:... Read more

Q: Could you please tell me the hospitalization coverage on this plan (deductible, etc) - any hospital in my area? Covers Doctor visits - how much? Pharmacy? A: Core Health... Read more

Q: I was just making sure that Core Health Insurance was a Massachusetts health insurance. A: Yes, Core Health insurance is approved in Massachusetts and meets the... Read more

Q: I have had some medical tests and an now scheduled for surgery. Am I eligible for Core Health Insurance and is this considered a pre-existing medical condition? A: You... Read more

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