January 1, 2010

Q: Core Health Insurance looks good except for the 12-month pre-existing condition clause. I am interpreting this that if I am seen in routine care for my diabetes, have any problems and have to be hospitalized, etc. I will not be covered.

A: Consider the reality that the vast majority of health insurance plans available in the U.S. are not open to diabetics at all and the few that do are priced more than a rent or mortgage payment. Maintaining affordable health insurance coverage is a lifelong challenge for diabetics.

If you allow this perceived obstacle to stop you now, then you will face the same problem of being uninsured twelve months from now. But if you take action by enrolling now, your problem will be solved in twelve months.

The 12 month pre-existing limitation applies only to hospitalization benefits. The limited benefit plan known as Core Health Insurance is the most liberal low cost option available to diabetics.

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