Complaints about Time Insurance

January 1, 2010

Q: I have Time Insurance and read a Rip-off Report that said "Assurant Health, Time Insurance, Safeway American Producers Group I was the National Sales Director for Assurant Health under Safeway Financial Tampa, FL and many of my customers bought a major medical plan thru Assurant Health and got screwed. Assurant denied many claims and also increased my customers premiums even though they had a guaranteed 12 month rate lock. Assurant also known as Time Insurance changed my customers deductibles. DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE. Assurant Health and Time Insurance is a SCAM !! This company does not pay their claims. They also change your deductibles once you are on the plan. They say they have a 12 month Rate Lock..LIARS!! My rates went up after 3 months!! They also didn't pay my doctor visits. DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE..Also watch out for 2 Call centers that are selling this JUNK. One is in Tampa Florida and the other is in Boca Raton Florida...SCAM ARTISTS !!!!! WORST INSURANCE PLAN OUT THERE !!! Suzzane Dallas, Texas Is this true? Should I get a different insurance?

A: We recommend avoiding Time Insurance as well as Mega Life Insurance. You will be able to find plenty of reputable alternatives. While we have no knowledge of the specifics of this particular complaint but we can confirm that high ranking former employees have admitted that the Company (formerly known as Fortis Health) told them to making false statements to agents and customers for the sake of preserving business and relationships during difficult times. In at least one case, a mid-level manager resigned from the company after learning that he had been lied to by his superiors and was caught trying to defend company's position in light of mounting evidence against his superiors' statements. Eventually he admitted that he was too embarrassed to continue lying and left the company. It is our general impression that a climate of corporate ethics problems prevails within this company that problem spans more than a decade. Yes, we think that if possible you should find a different insurance company.

MedSave.com realizes that complaints about every health insurance plan are an inherent part of the health care industry. This is the nature of insurance claims. There will always be disagreements between the "payor" and "payee" in any insurance industry and disputes with health insurance are more common than any other type of insurance.  But we have no desire to be affiliated with an insurance company whose management practices practices and corporate culture are contributing to the dissatisfaction of customers. We have observed that the majority of employees at health insurance companies intend to act fairly and ethically and that there are plenty of top-quality insurance companies available to provide health insurance coverage.

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