January 1, 2010

Q: I am looking for a price on HMO coverage for my two daughters age 14 and 10.

A: MedSave.com handles low cost health insurance only which is generally considered the opposite of HMOs which tend to be among the most expensive. You may want to consider a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that offers some of the benefits of an HMO but at a lower cost and more control to choose providers and treatment.

The article "Trends in Children's Health Insurance" was recently updated to provide the best information on this topic. For long term coverage Celtic Insurance is the most popular option. For coverage less than three years, Secure 12 x 3 STM is the likely choice and SIMPLE STM is a high quality, low cost coverage for up to six months at a time.

All plans including the HMOs and the MedSave.com plans offer online pricing and enrollment.

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