Cancel Simple STM policy

KM | April 9, 2008

Q: How do I cancel my Simple STM policy?

A: This is the procedure directly from the Simple STM plan administrator:

"FSG Short term medical insurance policy cancellation procedure

1-Fax a written request for cancellation a minimum of 5 days prior to the billing date (your billing date is the 5th of each month). The automatic billing date is the date of the 1st payment made. Any requests received less than 5 days prior to the current month's billing date will be processed for cancellation before the next month's billing date.

2-Include: -the policy holder's Name & Address

-the policy holder's Date of Birth

-the policy ID number

-the date the policy is to be cancelled

-the reason for cancellation

-the policy holder's signature

3-Our fax number is 608-755-7955"

The cancellation is confirmed by regular mail.


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