Best insurance for pre-existing dental condition

KM | July 31, 2008

Q: I am a student graduating this year and will stat a business. Do I qualify for life insurance online without a physical exam?

A: Assuming that you do not have access to an employer-sponsored large group dental plan, then the best dental coverage for a pre-existing dental issue is not insurance at all but a dental discount plan. The reason that individually purchased dental plans have a 6-12 month waiting period for new enrollees to ensure that a substantial premium is paid in to the insurer before the insurer starts paying out larger claims. The financial effect is that if your goal is to cover imminent charges in the most cost-effective manner, so making arrangements to pay the dentist directly at a discounted price is a better deal.

Dentists frequently confirm this advise, telling patients that they will offer a good price and payment arrangements to their patients. The purpose of the PPO discount plan is to provide some insight and transparency to pricing because most of us have little information about prevailing fees for all of the many dental procedures. We simply wouldn't recognize a discounted price from a standard or higher than average fee. The PPO has predetermined pricing arrangements with all of it providers, serving the role of independent third party price negotiator.

The national leader in this field is Careington International at www.ehealthdiscountplan.com. You can try this reputable PPO discount plan with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you want to explore dental insurance for the long term, consider "AHS Dental" and "DentalOne". Both are recently introduced top quality plans that exceed benefits of previously available policies. The plans available in your state can be accessed from the "Dental Plan" section of your state's low cost benefit listings.

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