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TA | January 1, 2010

Q: What are the best health insurance companies in New Jersey?

A: Obviously the "best" is a matter of opinion that varies from one situation to the next but we can provide information on the most popular health insurance choices in the state. Since the best choice for your specific situation may depend on your address, age, health status and other factors. For this reason it is best to request a customized health insurance proposal for your specific situation.

Horizon Blue Cross is by far the most popular insurance company covering almost half of the people who have health insurance in New Jersey. The popularity of Blue Cross is attributable to their rates since these insurance plans are frequently the least expensive. CIGNA, Aetna, and UnitedHealth Group are also high quality choices for major medical coverage. All of these companies offer managed care plans and major medical insurance including Health Savings Account qualified insurance.

Recent immigrants to New Jersey may prefer The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania "Inbound Immigrant" insurance as the best choice.

The only insurance company that currently offers a low cost supplemental insurance in New Jersey is Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company's 24 Hour Accident Coverage. This may be used to supplement an employer-provided health plan or as individual coverage.




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