Basic health insurance in New York state

TA | January 27, 2009

Q: Do you have catastrophic health insurance or high deducible plans? I am looking for just basic coverage in Long Island NY.

A: In New York the health insurance choices are more strictly limited than in most other parts of the country, especially for low cost plans. In New York state the most affordable basic insurance is called "Core Health Insurance" while Blue Cross offers some popular high deductible plans. All of the available choices are listed on the "New York State Low Cost Health Insurance" page.

Just a note of caution, however, that might help in your shopping: the term "basic coverage" has an entirely different meaning than "catastrophic" or "high deductible" insurance. Basic health insurance refers to the type of insurance that covers small and routine medical bills. Catastrophic or high deductible health insurance is the opposite - it covers big bills but not the smaller expenses.

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