Assurant critical illness insurance

TA | December 4, 2008

Q: How does Core Health compare with Assurant critical illness insurance? We can offer that on a group basis to our employees or as a voluntary benefit.

A: Both products can be offered on a group basis and/or as a voluntary employee benefit. Both are supplemental type insurance which means that the choice is not exclusive, you can have one or their other, neither or both at the same time along with other major medical insurance. As far as differences, a comparison of specific coverage issues and limitations would not be useful in this general context. Assurant has a coverage specifically for cancer and heart disease. Core Health is a more general supplemental coverage that does not specify certain medical conditions but treats expenses without regard for the specific medical cause.

The Core Health policy is available for online enrollment. The Web site is intended to be self-serve and includes all details, options and limitations. Details on the Assurant coverage may be available through a broker.

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