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American Health Shield Information

Q: I was covered by American Health Shield through Chesapeake Life for a long time and was very happy with it.  I need to extend my coverage.  Why do you now recommend "Simple... Read more

Q: After the $50 deductible for Plan A is there still a charge for office visits or does this $50 deductible take care of them for the year? Does the premium increase as the benefits... Read more

Q:  Could you please give me details of the American Health policy for students and the pricing options for a 27 (soon to be 28) year old non-smoking healthy female? A: American... Read more

Q: I recently applied for health insurance through American health shield. I wanted to know when my coverage started for my health insurance. A: Please call the health plan administrator at... Read more

MedSave.com joins in the promotion of "Cover the Uninsured Week", April 22-29, 2007, a nationwide project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with a series of educational articles... Read more

Q: I am looking into obtaining American Health Shield short term medical insurance, and have some questions. Assuming that faxing is currently an option, and that I'm not required to fill... Read more

Q: How long can I be covered by American Health Shield? A: An American Health Shield policy may be issued for up to six months. Most states allow two consecutive six month... Read more

Q: What are the dollar plan limits for the American Health Shield short-term policy? A: The Review of American Health Shield Short Term Medical Insurance article was expanded to... Read more

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