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KM | June 30, 2008

Q: My husband is recently self-employed, and I am a student. We have 3 children. I take Zoloft for anxiety, my husband takes Diovan for high-blood pressure, and my son has asthma. It is difficult to find affordable insurance because of these preexisting conditions. We rarely go to the doctor, do not smoke, and are overall physically healthy. Can you help me find anything affordable?

A: Fortunately, none of these medical conditions will prevent you from being eligible in any of the health insurance plans listed at MedSave.com. The primary challenge for you is finding a way to cover the cost of insurance plus the out-of-pocket costs of these long term medical conditions in the most affordable manner. The average cost of full coverage family health insurance in Georgia above $800 per month and would still leave significant out-of-pocket costs for the medications. You can cut this cost by taking insurance that excludes coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and paying the prescriptions under a discount plan rather than through insurance. A three year coverage called " Secure 12x3 STM" is available in your state at a price les than half of traditional coverage. After adding in the discounted price of the medications, your total costs for health care will still be considerably less than other typical families. Over the longer term, you may want to consider that behavioral-based treatments can be effective in controlling anxiety, high blood pressure and even many cases of children's asthma. Over the next generation of health plans will likely cover the behavior-based treatments rather than cover for the medications.


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