January 1, 2010

Q:  I work for an irrigation district in Powell, WY.  I need insurance rates for some of the employees that don't have insurance.  Our company provides us with a medical savings plan (with a set amount every year in it) and we can use it for insurance premiums among other medical needs that occur in the year.  We currently have three gentlemen working for the company that have pre-existing conditions and can not find affordable medical insurance.  Can you get me some quotes? 

A: All of the plans listed at MedSave.com have the rates listed directly online. Start at the Wyoming Low Cost Health Insurance page and consider the limited benefit plan with the brand name "Core Health Insurance" as one possibility due to its liberal coverage of pre-existing medical conditions at an affordable premium rate.

All of the low cost health insurance plans provide limited benefits,  especially for pre-existing medical conditions. It is important to realize that the eligibility requirements of each may as well as the manner in which they treat pre-existing medical conditions.

Also please be aware that the only way for individuals to cover the most serious medical risks is to use a "HIPAA" type insurance plan. These are very expensive and not suppported by MedSave.com. See the article titled " Finding Health Insurance to Cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions" for more information.


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