ValueHealth Bank Charge

KM | April 22, 2008

Q: I recently checked my credit card statement and I see a $3.95 charge for "ValueHealth of Philadelphia, PA" around March 24th. There are a set of numbers also 8662031891. What is this all about?

A: This charge on your account is not associated with MedSave.com in any way nor is this a charge for the health insurance plan named "Value Health Insurance" that is listed at MedSave.com. We are not familiar with any company called "ValueHealth of Philadelphia, PA".

The number you refer to is the telephone number of the company making the bank card charge. Credit card processors require a telephone number must be included on all bank card transactions for verification. You should call this number 866-203-1891 during daytime business hours for further explanation of the charge and, of course, report it to you bank if you dispute the charge.

Unfortunately, there are many reports of credit card fraud conducted using the name of other legitimate health plans. We are publishing this response because if the charge turns out to invalid then you are probably not the only person victimized. We would appreciate a follow-up if you learn anything more that would be of value to other readers.

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