January 1, 2010

Q: I am thinking about applying for a Value Health plan for my son, who will work his last day on December 28th this year. We want to get the Platinum coverage. I printed out the forms to send. Is there any way to apply for it online, or the paper version has to be signed and mailed? The Value Health Plan form has a $15.00 monthly administration fee. Is that the only fee that will be charged, or is there that $20 fee also that they talk about on another page on the web site?

A: Please rely on the charges listed on the application form at http://www.medsave.com/Value%20Health%20USA/Value-Health-USA.pdf  which includes a "Monthly Payment Calculation for Members" that best explains the charges. The charges are actually $15 administration plus $5 for VBA membership for a total charge of $20 per month above the listed premium. It will likely be clear when you complete the enrollment form.

Value Health does not yet offer online enrollment so mail or fax is the best option. Fax offers the advantage of same day confirmation but only if paying by credit card; fax enrollment does not allow you to pay by check.



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