Utah alternate small business health insurance

TA | March 9, 2009

Q: How does Core Health Insurance compare with Utah's proposed NetCare for a small business health plan?

A: Both insurance plans are mini-med alternatives to major medical insurance. Both plans are available to individuals and businesses and are exempt from Utah's state coverage mandates. Neither provide a "Certificate of Creditable Coverage" that is important to ensure coverage for pre-existing medical conditions on the insurance plan of the next job. Both are priced significantly less than traditional group major medical insurance.

The primary differences are that NetCare plans utilizes high deductibles to contain costs but Core Health does not have a deductible. Core Health has no medical eligibility requirements but some applicants could be excluded from NetCare based on health status. Similarly, NetCare offers differential pricing based on health status where Core Health has the same premium regardless of health status. Core Health provides 100% coverage up to stated policy limits while NetCare will cover 70%.

 The maximum benefit under Core Health is $1 million; we do not know the maximum benefit under NetCare. Premiums are not yet available for NetCare but we should expect them to be similar to Core Health depending on level of benefits selected for each type of plan. (Both plans offer a range of benefits and price levels).

Perhaps the biggest difference is that Core Health is available now; NetCare is expected to be introduced next year.

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