Texas High Risk Health Insurance

TA | October 24, 2008

Q: I am interested in pricing health insurance with major pre-existing conditions. Please forward enrollment procedures and advise based on exhaustion of COBRA benefits.

A: Texas has a unique way of providing health insurance to applicants with pre-existing medical conditions using an assigned risk pool. You actually submit your application to the state and they assign it to a commercial insurance carrier. The price and coverage are the same regardless of which insurer is assigned your application. Premium rates are limited by law to twice the amount charged to standard risk applicants. More information, rates and the application packages are available at www.txhealthpool.com. Just download the rates and application package and submit the application according to the instructions provided.

The lost cost limited benefit health insurance plans like "Core Health Insurance" and "Value Benefits" listed on the Texas page at MedSave.com are not meant to be your primary coverage but may provide supplemental coverage.


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