Supplemental insurance for VA coverage

TD | September 28, 2008

Q: How do I know which doctors or hospitals accept your plan? I also am a disabled veteran (under the age of 65) with 100% benefits through the VA. I plan to continue with that plan, however, I am looking for supplemental insurance more so for doctor's visits, not necessarily hospitalization. What would you recommend?

A: Supplemental health insurance pays the benefit directly to you as the policyholder rather than to a doctor or hospital. For that reason it does not matter what doctor or hospital you use and it is not relevant whether a doctor "accepts" the insurance since all doctors accept US cash currency!

The Value Med from Guarantee Trust Life and Value Health USA from US Life are both supplemental insurance policies generally considered to have the best benefits for doctors visits; up to $75 per visit (if you elect the higher level benefits) up to 10 visits per year. This is paid in addition to other insurance benefits. Check the eligibility requirements in your state.


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