Supplemental hospital insurance

LM | April 27, 2008

Q: Is supplemental insurance available for hospital expenses?

A: Yes; one of the most popular is "Value Health" from American International Group (AIG) and underwritten by United States Life Insurance Company that provides from $500 to $1000 additional insurance for each day of hospital confinement and $10,000 to $20,000 for surgery. The cost is $40 to $180 per month for adults. This policy is available to residents of all states except  CT, KY, NJ, NY, OR or WA.   To qualify for this coverage, you may not have had a hospital confinement in the past two years or currently have a serious medical condition that is likely to require hospitalization. Complete information is available in the enrollment brochure that is available for download.

Another option is "Value Hospital" that provides lower benefits at a lower price.

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