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KM | October 9, 2008

Q: I currently have Pacificare's PPO plan, which is a 70/30 plan with a $40 co-pay and $1,500 deductible per member. the members being my wife, 3 kids, and myself. Can you send me information about Core Health Insurance plan with details of the benefits you can help provide my family. Last year we spent about $6500 out of pocket, this year we are at about $5000.

A: Your situation is increasingly common and so supplemental insurance may  The most complete source of pre-enrollment information on Core Health Insurance is the article "A Review of Core Health Insurance". You might also wish to consider changing the Pacificare policy to the Health Savings Account type that will give you a tax break on the out of pocket expenses. While your total outlay may not change much, your tax bill would drop by $1,000 or more.

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