January 1, 2010

Q:  I am looking for a plan that covers what my present plan doesn't.  I currently have no office visit I $300 deductible per year 10 % deductible of covered medical up to $1000, plan covers 100 % after that if it is in their PPO other wise it is 50% coverage. My husband is on disability Medicare so the plan covers only the 10% after the 80% Medicare covers. I would like a supplement for him also and maybe cut out the other.

A: Your major medical plan is more generous than most so your out-of-pocket risks are minimal. Consider a low cost policy like Basic Health Insurance that can help make up for those smaller items. This policy is often the least expensive supplemental insurance available because of its lower coverage limits, Basic Health Insurance has no deductible or co-pay and includes some first dollar office visit benefits as well as some hospitalization benefits.

Your husband should consider a Medicare supplement policy but these are not supported at MedSave.com. We suggest visiting the AARP Web site for more information.


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