mega life problem

January 1, 2010

Q:  I need health insurance to cover a pre-existing condition of migraine headaches so that I can afford to get my medications to try to prevent them. I had to quit work due to a headache almost every day. I am trying to work 3 days a week to and that is still really hard on me but I have been trying. I need health insurance. I took out Mega Health and Life and they will not cover my migraines due to 2 irregular MRI's in 1992 and 1994 or 1995. Then they say I declined an MRI in 2000. Well I did but the doctor said if my condition worsened - well it did not worsen - so therefore, I saw no reason to charge to insurance a cost of 1500 to 2000 for an unnecessary test. Please advise me of how I can obtain health insurance.

A: Mega Life's practice is known as "post-issue underwriting" and this practice is perceived as little more than a scam by some consumer advocates. This means that they issue coverage without asking too many questions and then deny claims if the condition was pre-existing. This is worse than an insurance company that denies coverage in the first place and this is apparently why Mega is the target of so many investigations of market conduct. You need to get out of this insurance that is not working for you.
If your income and assets are modest, the best option may be to enroll in the expensive state-sponsored high-risk pool until most of your assets are depleted and then you will qualify for assistance with health care. Visit your local county welfare office for specific information and work directly with a well-qualified financial adviser to help you protect as much money as possible from health care reimbursement claims.

The other option is to enroll in a plan like Core Health Insurance that covers only some of the medical costs but has a liberal policy for acceptance of pre-existing medical conditions.

See the article: " Finding Health Insurance to Cover Pre-Existing Medical Conditions" for more information.


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