MedSave.com Expands Support for Graduating Students

January 1, 2010

An estimated 4 million graduating high school and college students will be bumped from their parents' health insurance policies within the next two months.  Health insurance will not be their top concern at this exciting time of life so parents are cautioned to make sure that alternate insurance is in force.  The cost of even a simple uninsured medical procedure could leave a family in debt for years and ruin the credit rating of a young adult.  Parents know that even though their graduate is now legally an adult, the cost of an uninsured medical problem at this stage of life will ultimately fall on the parents.

MedSave.com founder Health Insurance announces expanded enrollment support services is now available to 2006 graduates and their families.  MedSave.com plans to participate in a number of other activities during the national "Cover the Uninsured" week of May 1-7 designed to increase public awareness of affordable health coverage options.

Updated online resources include a state-by-state listing of health insurance policies that are most often used by graduating students and the following articles:

"Student Health Insurance Tips" explains the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of health insurance used by students and included a list of tips designed to help readers get the most from each type of health insurance.  This article is more likely to appeal to parents who may need to compare the various options available.

"Health Insurance Options for Graduating Students" is a shorter article directed toward students who need to get high quality insurance issued quickly using online resources.  The article includes a glossary of terms that young adults may need to know when they buy health insurance for the first time.

"Trends in Children's Health Insurance" takes a more academic look at national trends including the success of our national "Insure Kids Now" program and the impact this program is having on the adult population.

Online health insurance enrollment portals will remain open and monitored around the clock with live enrollment support expanded to 16 hours per day during peak enrollment periods.  E-mail support requests and confirmation of coverage are addressed within 24 hours.  The combination of professional support, affordability, and ease of enrollment make MedSave.com one of the leading providers of health insurance to recent graduates. 

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