Pre-existing coverage in Indiana

TA | December 9, 2008

Q: I need health insurance with a pre-existing condition in Indiana.

A: There are two types of health insurance coverage that are available to individuals in Indiana who do not have current coverage or a Certificate of Creditable Coverage from prior insurance. Either of these two types of insurance can be used separately or they may be used in combination to increase the overall level of coverage. The first type is the state's high risk insurance pool. The second type is a limited benefit mini-med or supplemental policy.

Indiana's high risk pool is available at  https://www.onlinehealthplan.com/content/html/acs/12/All_incl_premember_2008.pdf. The package contains all information, rates and application form. You may need to provide evidence that you were not eligible to enroll in s standard health insurance plan. The only downside of this plan is cost, ranging from a minimum monthly premium of $150 for a child on the lowest benefit option to more than $1,400 for a senior. Pre-existing conditions are covered after a three month waiting period.

Basic Health Insurance is available everyone in Indiana who is 1) not disabled, 2) has not been hospital confined in the 12 months prior to enrolling, 3) is under age 65 at the time of application.  Premium rates range from $28 for the Value Plan and $68 for the Enhanced Plan. Pre-existing conditions are covered after six months.

Value Med Insurance is another universal issue plan available to all applicants regardless of medical history. This policy covers pre-existing medical conditions after twelve months. Premium rates and benefit levels are higher than the Basic Health Insurance but not as much as the major medical insurance. Other Value Benefit plans can also provide a low cost supplemental coverage for pre-existing medical conditions under the same twelve month provision but some of the other choices have minimal medical eligibility requirements.

For best long term coverage of a chronic medical condition, combine two or three of these policies. The supplemental policies pay benefits in addition to the major medical insurance.

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