HIPAA coverage through Celtic Insurance

KM | August 8, 2008

Q: My wife will be eligible for HIPAA health insurance in North Carolina. We'd like to get a quote from Celtic Insurance for a HSA-eligible HIPAA plan.

A: All of the Celtic Insurance plans are listed and priced online at www.Celticenrollment.com. The application can be submitted online and the documentation of HIPAA eligibility can be submitted to the underwriter by fax after the application is submitted.

Your HIPAA eligibility guarantees that you will be eligible for the "CeltiSaver HSA" and any of the other plans listed as available in your state. The quoting engine lists standard premium rates. Insurers who issue HIPAA coverage are allowed to offer a rate surcharge usually up to 40% based on state laws for higher medical risks. These are assessed on a case-by-case basis for each applicant based on the information included on your application.

For your planning purposes it would be wise to estimate that if your wife would not meet standard health risk rating, then the rate ultimately offered will be 40% more than the rate quoted online. This will be true with any commercial insurance company offering HIPAA coverage, not just Celtic Insurance.

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