Am I Eligible for Short Term Health Insurance?

January 1, 2010

Everyone in the United States who meets all five of the conditions listed below is eligible for coverage.

The eligibility requirements are:

1 - Must not have other other overlapping primary major medical health insurance (Overlapping supplemental insurance, hospitalization coverage and international health insurance coverage is allowed).

2 - Must answer "no" to the medical questions regarding major health problems.

3 - Must be under age 65 with a social security number and have a street address other than in MA, NJ, NY, or VT.  Temporary addresses are allowed.

4- Babies under six months of age are eligible when applying with a parent, guardian or sibling.

5- If the applicant was previously covered by a short term medical insurance policy, the state-specific re-application requirements must be met.  These are listed in the article "How Long Can I Be Covered under Short Term Health Insurance?".

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