Drug Card America free discount drug card

January 1, 2010

Q: I was surprised to receive an e-mail confirming enrollment and ID card for Drug Card America? I was investigating health insurance options and did not intend to enroll at this time. 

A: Drug Card America is not health insurance and there is no indication that you enrolled in any health insurance.

Drug Card America is a free discount drug card available to anyone who asks. An link to the plan's enrollment Web site is included at MedSave.com but we do not handle the enrollment or support for the plan itself. The discount drug card is administered by a reputable company called SASid and their contact information is included in your enrollment materials and also on our Web page listing of contacts.

If you don't need the card you could contact the administrator or simply discard it. We have never had a complaint about either the card benefits or the plan administrator, so there is no harm done in having this this discount card even if it was unintended.

We are available to help with an insurance plan when you are ready.

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