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January 1, 2010


The MedSave.com Approach     

Index of Covertheunisured.org stories

"Share Your Story" is a regular feature of Covertheuninsured.org that asks readers to share a personal story about a problem due to the lack of health insurance.  Unfortunately, the column stops short without giving a response that will best address the current crisis.  MedSave.com, a provider of low cost and temporary health insurance, steps in to offer solutions with the help of OnlineAdviserTM Health Insurance , America's leading personal financial adviser on health care planning.

The MedSave.com Approach

MedSave.com combines forces with America's leading expert on consumer finance to develop practical approaches the real life problems with health insurance. 

The MedSave.com approach is built on four principles:

1) Placing health care at the forefront of financial planning.  Small businesses and their lower paid employees often have trouble paying for health coverage.  Yet most Americans without health insurance have a disposable income in excess of the cost of health insurance.   Increasing income levels and changing spending habits is difficult.  Financial Adviser Health Insurance has a track record of more than 20 years experience working with small businesses and individuals to change their financial destiny.

2) Access managed care programs for current medical treatments.  Health insurance does help with the cost of current treatment for those who are uninsured.  In addition, health insurance does not pay the cost of pre-existing medical conditions for people who have not maintained continuous coverage for the past 18 months (depending on state of residence).  Managed care, rather than health insurance, is always a better approach to handling current medical costs for the uninsured.

3) Smart use of available health insurance for future protection.  Consumer education about insurance principles and available coverage is important.  Uninsured people must learn a new way of thinking about and approaching health insurance if the previous beliefs and approaches are not working.

4) Long term asset protection.  Once a position of financial stability is attained (meaning that current medical care is being provided and health insurance is in place for the future) it is essential to protect the current and future assets from the potentially devastating costs of heath care.  This risk applies to everyone - regardless of insurance or current health status.  Regardless of how we've done so far, statistics indicate that our largest health care expenses will be incurred at he end of life - and that many of these expenses will not be covered by health insurance. Proper titling of assets with special attention to health care issues combined with smart ongoing financial planning is the key to lifetime management of health care costs.

Index of Covertheuninsured.org Stories

See how these principles are applied to the real life situations of people who presented their health insurance problems at Covertheuninsured.org:

Story #35 Sarita Scarbrough, Houston, Texas

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Story #41 - Joe Ceca, Philadelphia, Pensylvania


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