Covering Lexapro and Zanax

KM | May 3, 2008

Q: Does this cover Lexapro, and Zanax, and how much would they be?

A: All of the prescription plans at MedSave.com cover these anti-depressants, but that is likely not the main issue that you should consider when selecting coverage. Please also consider that:

- Individual medical insurance does not cover the cost of treating pre-existing medical conditions. Depression and anxiety are very frequently a pre-existing medical diagnosis.

- It is less expensive to enroll in an insurance that does not cover anti-depressants because the savings in premium is more than the cost of the prescriptions. For example, insurance that covers anti-depressants might be priced at $350 per month where otherwise comparable insurance tat excludes the pre-existing conditions might be priced at $150. The $200 per month savings in insurance premium is more than enough to pay the out-of -pocket costs of the medication.

- A prescription drug discount card is more cost-effective than prescription insurance in covering anti-depressants. Most insurance plans automatically include a discount benefit for prescriptions not covered by insurance. In the event that a discount card is not available, a free or low cost prescription discount card is available separately. A discount plan reduces the out-of-pocket cost by an average of about 20%, or about $15 to $20 per month.

- The price of medications change often and vary depending on location and retailer. We do not have access to price information but it is generally known that the cost of these anti-depressants is about $100 per month.

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