Core Health Maternity Coverage

January 1, 2010

Q: Does Core Health plan cover maternity? I am not pregnant but plan on becoming pregnant soon.

A: Core Health insurance pays medical expenses related to pregnancy in the same way as any other medical conditions. It does not matter whether you are already pregnant of not. All applicants are accepted regardless of pregnancy status but there is a waiting period before some benefits become available.

We prefer to not use the term "cover maternity" since this might create a false impression that this insurance pays for all of the costs associated with a pregnancy. This is not a major medical insurance. Core Health is a limited benefit insurance plan designed to provide limited coverage for a low price. It provides the dollar amount of coverage regardless of what the actual medical expenses. Everyone - especially a woman considering pregnancy - should also be insured under a major medical insurance.

See "supplement maternity coverage" and "basic health insurance covers maternity" topics for additional discussion.


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