Core Health Insurance in Massachusetts

TA | August 12, 2008

Q: I was just making sure that Core Health Insurance was a Massachusetts health insurance.

A: Yes, Core Health insurance is approved in Massachusetts and meets the requirements of "creditable coverage" as defined by the Commonwealth for the current year. Massachusetts intends to implement tougher standards for creditable coverage in 2009 and it is uncertain how this will affect people covered by Core Health Insurance. The state recently issued additional guidelines for group insurance that indicate that Core Health Insurance, in its present form, would not meet the creditable coverage requirements for employer-provided coverage. But it is not clear whether these same rules will apply to individual coverage, especially for those who cannot afford other types of insurance. The details of this law are complex and beyond the scope of this discussion, but it is important to consider that Core Health Insurance is a limited benefit or mini-med policy that is not intended to meet the original intention of the Massachusetts ideal coverage. The law implies that it would be preferable to have everyone covered by insurance that did not limit the benefits but that might turn out to be impossible. Both the Massachusetts law and the Core Health Insurance plan are likely to be updated, amended or clarified before the end of this year, so we must wait before giving any further advice on this issue as it pertains to 2009 coverage. Look for announcements about changes to Core Health Insurance at MedSave.com later this year.

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