January 1, 2010

Q: Obviously I must pay to apply for Core Health insurance plans, in the instance of denial of coverage, do they refund the application fee? Also, how much is the application fee?

A: Yes, Core Health Insurance is an immediate online issue plan. No transaction is processed or recorded until payment is made. But there is no risk of being denied coverage in a manner that you might have experienced with other types of health plans. The enrollment process asks the eligibility questions first (including your age and state of residence an any other applicable requirements), and then only if you are determined to be eligible for coverage based on your responses are you asked for online payment. A policy is issued immediately when you provide the payment information. The only ways that the insurance could be later rescinded (retroactively denied) is in the event of an applicant's intentional misstatement on the application (this is also a violation of state law) or if the premium payment is not successful (for example, if the credit card is denied). In the first case, the insurer may refuse the coverage and refund the full premium if honest answers to the questions make a person ineligible (for example, lying about an applicant's age). In the latter case of a payment problem, you are offered an opportunity to correct the problem and coverage is issued when payment is received. There is no medical underwriting and applicants are accepted regardless of medical history.

The quoted premium for Core Health includes some non-insurance administrative fees but does not specifically include an application fee.



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