Catastrophic coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

January 1, 2010

Q: My daughter has some health issues like Cohn's disease and ankylosing spondylitis. She will graduate from college this year and we are trying to find catastrophic insurance coverage. We are not interested in pharmacy or doctor's office visit coverage, etc. Can you make any recommendations that may be affordable? Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

A: The choices will be governed by her state of residence. Considering the significance of this issue for her and wide differences in coverage available from state to state, you may wish to consider the possibilities in the state where you live (probably still her permanent legal residence), the state where she goes to college, the state where she will spent the summer, and any state where she may be considering employment.

This topic covered thoroughly in the article title "Finding Health Insurance to Cover a Pre-existing Medical Condition". There will be additional resources added here on MedSave.com as more states gradually approve more universal health insurance plans.

At present none of the state guaranteed issue plans are catastrophic type coverage and we may not see much in this area. The reason is that the emphasis of public health policy for those individuals with chronic significant medical conditions is managed care and not catastrophic care.

If you daughter obtains full time employment with an employer that offers group health insurance coverage then her pre-existing conditions will be immediately covered as soon as she meets the initial waiting period for coverage as long as she maintained short term medical insurance or some other continuation of coverage evidenced by a Certificate of Creditable Coverage to bridge the gap between current coverage and that group insurance in the future. Most employers have a 30-60 day waiting period for new employees before the group coverage starts.

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