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TA | July 16, 2009

Q: I am currently employed with health insurance BCBS HMO New England but will be finished with that job in July and moving to South Carolina. I am currently pregnant and due in August and will be delivering in South Carolina. My new job does not start until Oct. 1st. What options do I have? BCBS HMO New England will not cover the delivery in South Carolina.

A: It is important to convert your current coverage through an "individual conversion option" rather than change to a new health insurance policy in SC. If you drop the current coverage, there will be no other insurance option to cover the maternity costs. This coverage is more expensive and has higher out-of-pocket costs than you would have had in your current HMO, but is clearly the best option in this situation. You may consider changing insurers after a healthy 6 month post-partum exam, but plan to keep the individual conversion policy from your current insurance company until then.

We could not identify which Blue Cross HMO plan you currently by your short description so we are unable to offer more specific information. This coverage and contact information would also be listed on your insurance ID card. Contact them to ask for a conversion options. Additional contact information for all Blue Cross Associations nationwide can be found at http://www.bcbs.com/coverage/find/plan/.  

Finally, please immediately contact the benefits department of your HMO to ask about their high risk maternity management programs. When you explain your relocation circumstances this later in your pregnancy, the HMO may refer you to this program usually designed to help minimize risk of complications with the pregnancy and delivery. This would give you access to a nurse case worker who could offer help to ease the transition to new medical providers.

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