Best U.S. health insurance with green card

LM | May 6, 2008

Q: I had a heart surgery in 2007 in the UK and am now coming to the U.S. with a green card. I am otherwise fit an healthy 23 yr old. What type of healthcare is available in the U.S.?

A: Insurance purchased by individuals coming into the U.S. does not cover the cost of treating pre-existing medical conditions but the goal is to cover other issues and enable you to be eligible for "takeover" coverage under a group health plan in the future once you meet residence and other eligibility requirements. The best immediate coverage option may be the "Inbound Immigrant" plan that is issued without regard to health history and offers generous coverage for most common medical issues with a low policy deductible. The cost is very reasonable, starting at about $65 per month depending on the options selected.

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