January 1, 2010

Q: I am researching the health insurance Value Plan or Core Health Plans.  When I begin to enter my information, it asks about beneficiaries and I only want health insurance.  Before doing this, I want to make sure this is health insurance.  This is my first time since I have always been under my parent's coverage.

A:  All health insurance policies make claims payments that are processed after the policyholder's death as instructed on the beneficiary designation of the application. Consider that on average, our largest medical bills are incurred in the year of our death, so it is logical to presume that payments to beneficiaries for estate settlement purposes are an important aspect of insurance.

Some policies like Core Health also include some life insurance. See the paragraph that begins with "Accidental Death..." section under "Covered Charges" section at "A Review of Core Health Insurance".

Finally, consider that neither of the two policies you mention are the best choice for a young adult. Look for any of the short term medical insurance polices like Simple STM or American Health Shield at MedSave.com that offer full major medical coverage far exceeding the limited polices you considered. 


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