Basic Health Insurance Benefits

JM | April 15, 2008

Q: I have been having trouble finding medical insurance due to my weight. What is the different between the two programs you have. One was $38 something and the other was $96 something dollars.

A: The difference between the two Basic Health Insurance plans is the amounts of benefits paid. The lower priced plan is called the "Value Plan" and the more expensive plan is called the "Enhanced Plan". Both plans cover exactly the same medical expense items, but the more expensive plan provides a higher dollar amount of benefits. For example, the Basic Plan pays $30 for a covered doctor visit while the Enhanced Plan pays $65. The specifics can be seen in a side-by-side comparison at www.basichealthinsurance.net directly below the premium quotes given. Just scroll down the page below the premium prices for a complete listing and comparison of the benefits of the two plans.

Basic Health Insurance does not have any restrictions on weight, so this is not an issue. You should not plan to rely solely on this limited benefit insurance since this plan was designed to supplement to major medical insurance that would cover catastrophic risks. As the name implies, the emphasis of coverage under this insurance is basic medical items only.

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