January 1, 2010

Q: I checked online with the BBB and they've never heard of HearPo (for hearing), American WholeHealth (chiropractor). EyeMed (vision), and Careington International (dental) are recognized by the BBB but these companies are not members. Caremark (pharmacy) and Liberty (diabetes) are also recognized but it depends on which Caremark and Liberty ehealthdiscountplan.com is in business with. There is a Liberty in California and that one is a member, while the one in Liberty FL is not. There are numerous Caremarks so without an address it's difficult to verify with the BBB. As far as the BBB acknowledging ehealthdiscountplan.com, the name wouldn't even come up. In order for me to make a decision on this company I need to make sure that everything is legit and on the up and up.

A: The rest of your question (not copied above) indicates that you found some outdated publications or Internet pages. Businesses that use the "OnlineAdviser" trademark or the "BBB Online Reliability" logo as a reference obviously should keep information current but due to the thousands of pages of previously published Web content some older publications may not be updated timely. The constantly evolving business relationships in the employee benefits industry an the many sub-components that make up business Web pages relationships makes updating a difficult challenge. This is not an intent to mislead but rather just a discovery of outdated Web pages that have now been corrected as a result of this inquiry.

We have no knowledge of any of the names of companies you mentioned (they are not represented here at MedSave.com) except that Careington International is a well-respected leader in the administration of discount plans and www.ehealthdiscountplan.com is the Web site that handles these online enrollments. You will not have any trouble with their reliability and security and there is a 30 day test period where you can use their discount cards and cancel without charge if necessary. We have no information that Careington International is a BBB member. The enrollment Web site was developed under the "BBB Online Reliability" standards some years ago but that is no longer applicable since the plan administrator now handles all customer transactions. This designation was important in the early development of commercial Web sites but is not as popular today with consumers and Web-based businesses. State insurance departments may be a better way to check credibility of a PPO discount network business. A list of state insurance departments can be found at http://www.medsave.com/license.htm. "OnlineAdviser" is no longer a BBB member.

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